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Tran. by Meditating4life


Episode 1.02: Sisters


(Fireworks over a pier carnival.  Starfire and Robin are on a stopped Ferris wheel watching the fireworks)
Starfire: (Gasp) Beautiful.  Tell me again what they are called.
Robin: Fireworks.
Starfire: On my home planet, such explosions would mean the Gordadions are attacking.  You are sure earth is not under attack?
Robin: Positive.  Cotton candy? (Holds up cotton candy)
Starfire: The last time I ate a ball of cotton, it was white and it did not taste very-
Robin: This is different. (Eats a little cotton candy.  Starfire looks at him strangely.  Tries some.  Starfire’s eyes light up)
Starfire: Mm…(High squeaky noise) It vanished! 
Robin: Yeah, it’ll do that.
Starfire: When I first came to this planet, I did not think that I would ever fit in.  Earth was full of strange things.  But now I see that-
(More fireworks come up)
Robin: Here comes the finale! Amazing! 
Starfire: (Eyes glitter) Earth is full of amazing things, too.
Robin: Best planet I’ve ever been to.
(Flying alien robot comes and grabs Starfire)
Robin: Starfire!
Starfire: (To flying alien robot) Wherever you are taking me, I do not wish to go!
(Starbolts appear in Starfire’s hands, she blasts him, flying alien robot drops her, she flies, and it chases her)


(Ring appears and lands on the top of a bottle)
Cyborg: Boo-ya!
Beast Boy: Sweet!
[Beast Boy gets a giant chicken as a prize and hands it to Raven]
Beast Boy: Toldja we'd win ya a prize.
Raven: (Sarcastically) A giant chicken. I must be the luckiest girl in the world.
Robin: Titans!  Trouble!
Cyborg: Where’s Starfire?
Robin: That’s the trouble
(Robin runs off, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg follow.  Starfire is flying over the ocean with the flying alien robot chasing behind her.  Starfire throws starbolts at it)
Starfire: No more chasing now please!
(Starfire flies towards pier.  They fly by rest of Titans)
Beast Boy: Who her new best friend?
Robin: Don't know. (Pounds his one fist into his other hand) But I can't wait to meet him
(Beast Boy transforms into an alligator and tries to bite flying alien robot but misses.  Raven makes cart crash into flying alien robot, but doesn’t help.  Cyborg grabs flying alien robot)
Cyborg: I don't know what you did to make this thing mad, Star, but it couldn't hurt to apologize.
Starfire: I am…sorry?
(Cyborg can’t hold on and let’s go.  Robin gets out his Retractable Bo Staff and hits the flying alien robot on the head.  The flying alien robot falls in the ocean)
Beast Boy: (Looking over the edge) So, did we just win?
(Flying alien robot comes up.  Robin jumps on it)
Robin: Don’t see and off switch.  Guess I’ll have to make one. (Punches flying alien robot and wires come out.  Robin jumps off.  The flying alien robot keeps flying into sky, and then explodes) Whatever that thing was, it can’t hurt you now.
Starfire: But why did it wish to hurt me at all?


(Back at Titan’s Tower)
Starfire: Come friends! (Flowery background appears) I shall thank you for my rescue by reciting a poem of gratitude.  All six thousand versus! 
(Rest of the Titans look worried)
Blackfire: I see you haven’t changed a bit. (Starfire turns around)  When we were little, I was always rescuing Starfire.  (Blackfire laughs.  Starfire runs and gives Blackfire a hug)
Starfire: Sister!
Blackfire:  Brought you a present. (Holds up a green jewel necklace)
Starfire: (Eyes get huge) A Centari moon diamond?!  Where did you get-
Blackfire: On the Centari moons, of course. (Puts necklace on Starfire)  Oh look!  It matches your eyes. (Starfire’s eyes get like Centari moon diamonds)
Starfire: You must meet my friends! (Grabs Blackfire)  I wish to introduce my big sister-
Blackfire: Blackfire.  And since Starfire told me all about the Titans in her transmissions, let me guess. (Stands in front of Cyborg)  Cyborg.
Cyborg: (Holds hand out for handshake) Please to meet you, little lady. (They shake hands.  Cyborg holds his hand up, and it’s crushed) Little lady, big handshake.  Well all right!
Blackfire: (Moves to Raven) Raven.  I like that gemstone on your eyes in a chakra. 
Raven: You…know about chakras?
Blackfire: I got way into meditation on Altara Prime.
(Moves to Beast Boy)
Blackfire: Beast Boy!  What’s up?
Beast Boy: Nothing but the ceiling, baby! (Points up)
Blackfire: (Laughs) Good one!
Beast Boy: (To Raven) See, she thinks I’m funny.
Raven: Statistically, I suppose someone has to.
(Blackfire moves to Robin)
Blackfire: And you must be Robin. (Goes behind him and looks at Robin’s cape)  Oh! I am loving this cape! It's positively lucious!
Robin: Thanks. It’s a high-density polymerized titanium. 10 times stronger than steel.
Blackfire: Fascinating. (Starfire gasps)  And this mask makes you look very mysterious.
(Starfire pushes Blackfire away from Robin)
Starfire: So, beloved sister.  What brings you to earth?
Blackfire: I was in a quadrant.  Thought I’d see if earthlings like to party. (Sits on couch)  Besides, I needed a rest.  Nearly got sucked into a blackhole on the way here. (Titans look at each other.  Beast Boy, Cyborg and Robin jump toward her)
Robin: Blackhole!
Cyborg: No way!
Beast Boy: Cool!
Blackfire: Okay, I’m cruising through the Draconis Nebula, and-
Starfire: Sister, that Nebula is full of blackholes.  You know travel there is forbidden.
(Crickets chirp)
Blackfire: Most fun things in life are.  Now be a sweetie and bring me one of those “sodas” I’ve heard so much about.  So anyway I’m zooming over an…
Starfire: (In refrigerator) I see you have not changed either. (Gets a soda and closes refrigerator door.  In space, three flying alien robots return, but the fourth does not)


(In outer space)
Centari Police 1: Our target was not located.  The drones have failed.
Centari Police 2: Have they?  The woman probe to earth did not return.  That is where we will find the girl.


(At Titan’s Tower)
Starfire: Sister?  Sister?  Sister, I seek your companionship.
(Beast Boy and Cyborg are playing a racing game on game station appears on screen)
Cyborg: You wanna pass me, but you can’t pass me! You can't pass--you passed me!
Beast Boy: Tighten the turn…jets…and nitro!
Starfire: (Wanders into the room) Tell me, have either of you seen Blackfire?
Beast Boy: Blazin’ B?  She was here just a second ago.
Cyborg: Oh yeah!  Back in the lead.
Starfire: (Laughs) What fun!  May I join your game?
Cyborg: Winner plays Blackfire.
Beast Boy: Yeah, she rules at this game.
Starfire: I see. (Walks to Raven’s room.  Knocks on door.  Door opens) Is…my sister in there?
Raven: No.
Starfire: Oh.  Might you wish to hang out with me?  We could visit your favorite depressing café?
Raven: Already bee.  It was open mic, and Blackfire wanted to share.  Your sister’s poetry is surprisingly dark.
(Closes door.  Starfire walks down hall.  Starfire sighs, then sees a door open.  Two shadows are on the wall, one of Blackfire and the other Robin)
Blackfire’s voice: That’s perfect Robin. (Starfire gasps)  Hold me just like that and, (Blackfire throws Robin and he lands near barbells) Learned that move from a Ben-Zo master on Tirus Three.
Starfire: (Comes in room) Hello Robin, and…my sister.  Am I interrupting?
Robin: Not at all.  Blackfire was just showing me some alien martial arts.  How come you never taught me these cool moves?
Blackfire: Probably because she doesn’t know them.  I always was the better fighter.  Come on.  I’ll show you the technique I once used to stop a raging Orthax. (Pulls Robin away)


(Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven are sitting on the couch)
Starfire: (Comes into room holding popcorn and movies) Friends!  I invite you to join me in the togetherness of a stay home movie night.  I bring you popcorn and non-cotton candies.  Tell me, what sort of movies shall we view? 
Robin: Action!
Beast Boy: Comedy!
Cyborg: SciFi!
Raven: Horror.
Starfire: (Drops popcorn and movies) Perhaps, a double feature?
Blackfire: (Enter room wearing Starfire’s clothes) Forget the flicks, kids.  We’re going out!
Starfire: (Slightly confused) We are?  Where did you…?  Are those my…?
Blackfire: Heard about a party downtown.  Cool crowd, hot music.
Beast Boy: Yeah!
Cyborg: I’m in.
Robin: Why not?
Blackfire: (Talking to Raven) And it’s in a creepy run down warehouse.
(Raven looks up from her book.  They start to leave, but Starfire doesn’t move)
Cyborg: Woo!
Beast Boy: I am a party animal. (Transforms into gorilla)
Blackfire: Hey sweetie.  Raided your closet.  Hope you don’t mind me borrowing your look. (Walks out the door.  No one else is in the room)
Starfire: Why not?  You have already borrowed my friends.


(At the warehouse, the lights are changing and loud music can be heard)
Blackfire: (Walking through the crowd) Step aside, earthlings!  The queen of the galaxy has arrived! (Starts to dance)
(Raven looks over at Starfire trying to make her way through the crowd)
Starfire: Oh!  Excuse!  Oh!  Uh! (Her foot gets stepped on) Ow!  You really should apologize after stepping on someone’s foot! 
(Raven shakes her head.  Blackfire’s still dancing)
Blackfire: (Laughs) Now don’t tell me you big, tough superheroes are afraid of a little dancing?
Beast Boy: Betcha Cyborg can do the Robot. (Starts to do the robot for a while.  Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin start to dance with Blackfire.  Raven stands next to Starfire)
Raven: This party is pointless. (Goth guy comes from behind her)
Goth guy: Everything's pointless. Wanna go talk about it?
(Raven walks away with Goth guy.  Two guys come up from behind Starfire)
Guy 1: Hey hot alien girl.  You digging the scene?
Starfire: I…did not know we were supposed to bring shovels.
(Both guys laugh) 


(In outer space)
Centari Police 1: The girl may have defeated one probe, but she will not bear so well against three. (Sends three probes out)

(Starfire is sitting on top of warehouse roof)
Starfire: (Sighs) Maybe I do not belong here afterall.
Robin: (Comes through door and sits next to Starfire) Of course you don’t.  You belong down there having fun with the rest of us.  What’s wrong?
Starfire: Nothing is wrong!  Everything is wonderful! The pounding music and blinding lights are quite enjoyable! (Robin looks at her differently)  Everything is not wonderful.  I am happy to see her, but Blackfire rules at the video games, and she is able to share very depressing poems, and she know the cool moves, and she always knows when people are not talking about shovels.  (Pauses)  And I am nothing like her.
Robin: No, (Puts his hand on her shoulder) you’re not, and I think- (Blackfire comes through door wearing a pink wig)
Blackfire: How do I look?
Robin: Pink.  Look could you give us a minute here?
(Blackfire stays for a second, and then hears the song change)
Blackfire: Oh!  I love this song! (Grabs Robin and they go back in)
(Star sighs, then hears something and looks up.  Probe appears and chases her.  Back in the party, Beast Boy is dancing, then looks up, and sees Starfire’s shadow through the skylight.  Beast Boy stops dancing)
Beast Boy: Cy!  Star’s in trouble!
(Cyborg stops dancing.  He turns and sees Beast Boy being taken by a probe.  Cyborg runs over to help him, but gets knocked over by a different probe.  Raven and Goth guy are talking)
Goth guy: So, you like show tunes?
(A probe flies by them and Goth guy runs away.  Raven starts to go after the probe that has Beast Boy.  She throws boxes at the probe using her powers.  The probe drops Beast Boy.  Probe comes through the roof with Starfire, and crashes into a huge crate.  Cyborg punches a probe.  Starfire throws starbolts at the probe that was after her, and the probe almost crashes into Beast Boy.  Beast Boy jumps and transforms into a tiger.  All three probes go after Starfire.  Cyborg battles three probes, then is sent flying into wall.  Robin and Blackfire are walking down a hallway.  Robin starts to walk towards the door)
Blackfire: (Grabs Robin’s arm) Where are you going?  Stay and talk to me.
Robin: Look, I just want to make sure Starfire is okay. (Cyborg comes crashing through the wall)  What’s going on?
Cyborg: Remember that thing that attacked Star?  It had friends. 
(Cyborg goes back inside to fight more.  Robin starts to follow Cyborg, but notices Blackfire isn’t following)
Robin: (Turns to Blackfire) Didn’t you hear him?  Your sister needs help!
Blackfire: (Takes off wig) Right…of course.  (Runs with Robin.  In an alley, Starfire is thrown by a probe into a dumpster.  One of the three probes takes the dumpster, and the three start to fly off.  Robin throws his Birdarang at the probe that has Starfire and it lets go.  The probes come at the Titans)
Cyborg and Robin: Teen Titans!  Go!
(Blackfire comes out and fires laserbeams from her eyes and destroys all three probes)
Cyborg: Oh yeah!  Good times!
Beast Boy: Nice shooting, Tex!
Raven: Very nice.
Robin: How did you know where to hit them?
Blackfire: Lucky guess.
Cyborg: We could use luck like that.  Maybe you oughta join the team.
Blackfire: Me?  A Teen Titan?
(Starfire opens dumpster lid, with a banana peel on her head, and gasps)


(On top of Titan’s Tower, Starfire has a backpack on)
Starfire: She will be a better Titan than I ever was.
(Flies a little away from Titan’s Tower)
Robin: (Comes through a door) Were you just going to leave without saying good-bye?
(Starfire lands and drops backpack)
Starfire: Robin, I- (Small spaceship with a Centari Police on it comes and captures Starfire.  Robin chases after them)
Centari Police 1: (To Centari Police 2) Prepare to leave earth’s orbit.  We have the Tamaranian girl.
Centari Police 2: (To Starfire) Once we return you to Centari, you will pay for what you have done.
(Starfire struggles in green tentacle thing.  Robin is on the underside of the ship)
Robin: (To himself) Nobody is taking her away.  (Jumps to where Starfire and the two Centari Police are)  My friend stays here! 
(Robin and the Centari Police 1 fight for a while, until the Centari Police accidentally hits the button that lands the ship, instead of Robin)
Centari Police 2: No!  I cannot control it!
(Robin frees Starfire)
Starfire: Robin!
Robin: Come on!
(The two jump off the ship.  Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg run to them)
Beast Boy: Star!  Robin!
Cyborg: You guys okay?
(Two Centari Police come out of ship toward the Titans)
Robin: Titans!  Get ready.
Centari Police 1: In the name of the great Centari empire, you are all under arrest.
Beast Boy: Um…You can’t be the good guys, we’re the good guys.
Centari Police 1: And we are Centari Police.
Centari Police 2: The Tamaranian girl is a liar and a thief. (Points to Starfire)  She’s committed high crimes throughout the entire Centari system.
Starfire: I have never even been to the Centari moons.
Robin: (Looks at Starfire’s necklace.  Takes necklace off Starfire) But I know someone who has.  (Star gasps) You’ve been chasing the wrong girl.  (Gives necklace to Centari Police) Where’s Blackfire?
Beast Boy: Uh…(Points up)
Robin: Don’t worry Star.  She won’t get away with this.
Starfire: No she will not!


(Flies to Blackfire)
Starfire: Hello sister.
Blackfire: Aw, you’re mad.  I know I should have told you I was leaving but you know how I hate good-byes.
Starfire: You are a criminal, and you were going to make me take your place in jail.
Blackfire: Oh, well…yeah.
Starfire: (Poking Blackfire) You will give back what you have stolen and turn yourself over to the police.
Blackfire: (Rises a little above Starfire) And what will you do if I don’t?  (Blackfire throws a “Blackbolt” a purple version o Starfire’s green, Starbolts, at Starfire.  Starfire falls a few feet or so) I always was the better fighter.  (Starfire gets back up to where Blackfire is)
Starfire: Not anymore!
(Blackfire throws more Blackbolts at Starfire, but she flies past them.  Starfire throws a Starbolt at Blackfire and hits Blackfire’s hand.  Blackfire stops throwing Blackbolts for a minute.  Starfire rises above Blackfire, and then a green tentacle wraps around Blackfire)
Centari Police: Blackfire of Tamaran, you are under arrest.
(Blackfire struggles)
Starfire: (Waving good-bye) Farewell sister.  All though you did betray and attack me, it was…still very nice to see you.
Blackfire: Next time it won’t be so nice.  I will get out of jail little sister, and I will even!


(Starfire’s watching the sunrise on top of Titan’ Tower)
Robin: (Comes and sits next to Starfire) Hey, how are you doing?
Starfire: I am…sad for my sister.
Robin: And for yourself?
Starfire: I am just glad that the truth was discovered before I was replaced.
Robin: What are you talking about?
Starfire: Well, you…everyone was having such fun with her, and then Cyborg said-
Robin: Look, your sister was…interesting, but she could never take your place.  No one could ever replace you.
(Robin smiles at Starfire.  Starfire smiles back and they both watch the sunrise)
The End

Disclaimer: I dont own the Teen Titans (yet)