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Pre Desolation

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This one is by me so ignore the type o's...
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Teen Titans…yet
Pre Desolation
Robin stared Blankley out the window as his best friend Starfire was talking to him about the Glorabates in sector 10. This wasn’t the most interesting subject but he did enjoy being with his friend. Across the room Beast Boy and Cyborg eagerly await the beginning of their show (days of our lives). And of course, Raven sits in the back of the room casually contemplating the theory of life after death. Raven was enjoying the silence when suddenly Beast Boy screams, “Shawn NO!!!!!! It's a trick. It's just wrong.” Raven replied in a monotone voice "The only thing that's just wrong, is you two watching a soap opera." Robin and Starfire had been so deep in ‘‘conversation’’ that they hadn’t heard anything that just happened. Cyborg realized this and called to them, “Hey you two, tell Raven that Days of Our Lives is the boom!!!” “What! Day’s is on! Why didn’t you tell us?” They said in unison. Star rushed into the kitchen to get popcorn and cotton candy. Robin jumped over the couch and sat down (in his normal manner). Starfire brought the food and sat down next to Robin. No one had noticed but Raven had left the tower.
(In the middle of Days)
*on TV* “I know who the murder is. It’s…”
*beep beep beep*
“Anyone hear who it was?” cyborg peered at the titans with a distressed look.
“No time for that now we can look it up later, right now there’s trouble.” Robin scanned the room and to his surprise Raven wasn’t there.
“Where’s Raven?”
“I don’t know, but we have to go. She’ll catch up.”
“Maybe Days was too exiting for her.”  Beast Boy said while walking out the door.
(Crime seen)
“Oh no! Not Dr. Light again. Maybe it’s good that Raven isn’t here.” (Just wondering how he got out of jail)
“Titans Go!!!”
*Starfire shot Starbolt’s a Dr. Light. One missed and hit Beast Boy knocking him into Cyborg. Robin dodged the mess-up and froze Dr. Light. Raven arrived shortly after everyone was off the floor and ready to take Dr. Light to jail. No one saw Raven because she is standing pretty far away.* (not a long fight seen huh?)
*Robin calling Raven over the communicator* “Raven are you there?”
“I’m right here, sorry I’m late. I ahhh didn’t really want to see Dr. Light again.”
“Starfire you and Beast Boy take Dr. Light to the police.”
(at home)
*Robin, cyborg, and Raven walk through the door and they see Slade on screen.*
“Slade what do you want.”
“What? Why do you always think I want something? Well you’re right. Everyone has wants and needs and here’s someone you might want Robin. You should know that I have your girlfriend…so what are you going to do now? ”
“Where are you?”
 “If you care you’ll find her before I kill her.”
“What about Beast Boy?”
“Oh, the green one. He’s being disposed of in the park…now you have to decide between them, who are you going to rescue.”
“You’ve forgotten I have friends.”
“Not for long you wont, hurry Robin you might be too late.”
“Cyborg you and Raven go help Beast Boy. I’ll go help Star.”
(At the park)
*Cinderblock is fighting Beast Boy*
"Azarath, metrion, Zinthos!"
*Raven lifts Cinderblock and throws him across the park into the dumpster.*
*Raven and Cyborg rush over to Beast Boy*
“Beast Boy are you alright?!!”  Raven was looking him over with a distress on her face.
“Yeah Raven I’m fine…wait, were you worried about me?”
“Yeah! Look at you, your all beat up, are you sure you’re alright.”
“Yeah I’m fine. Hey, you guys want to go get some ice cream?”
“No man I’m going to get on Soap-net to find out who the killer is. I’ll see you two later.”
 “Raven, where’s Robin and Star?”
“Slade has star and Robin went to get her, he didn’t want us to come with him for some reason..?”
“More Ice cream for us, what kind do you want?”
“I don’t care.”
“Suddenly, I don’t either.”
*Raven looks at Beast Boy with an odd look on her face.”
(slades Layor)
“It doesn’t matter that they beat Cinderblock, as long as they don’t interfere.”
“Why are you keeping me here?”
“Isn’t it obvious? To get to the boy wonder of course.”
“Why do you wish to cause Robin Pain? Is it some kind of sick pleaser? Why Robin? Why not someone else?”
“Well you see my dear, Robin and I have ties that go back a long way. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
“I do not understand.”
(on the street somewhere)
“This stinks. Where would Slade be hiding? I’ve looked over the video of him in the warehouse 1000 time…duh warehouse, there’s an abandoned one across town.” (Come Robin to the batcave!!! Sorry I had to do that)
(across town at the warehouse)
“Ok Slade I found you, no games where’s Starfire?!!”
“Starfire I don’t know who you’re talking about.”
“Hmmmm sounds familiar but I’m not sure, what is her relation to you?”
“Oh so she’s only a friend to you, I guess you won’t mind if I kill her then?”
“OH. So I see now she’s not just your friend is she…hahaha I love messing with you Robin. You need to learn to keep your anger at a lower level. It’s not healthy to be such an angry person. And at your age too.”  
“I only get like this around you.”
“Well you should learn to love me.”
“Oh so you admit it you love her. Hahaha that’s an even better reason to kill her.”
“What? Oh well, I didn’t really say I ummm well “love” her I just said she was my friend.”
“It doesn’t matter. She will no longer be a distraction for you in approximately 10 minuets. And if you don’t get out of this warehouse by then you won’t be around either.”
“Oh now Robin ‘hate’ is such a strong word. You will thank me for this …later.”
“Star and I don’t have time for this.”
*Robin burst out of the main room and started searching each sub room he could find*
“She’s not here I can find her!”
*Starfire comes up behind him.*
“ROBIN!!!!!!! I found you! I was hoping that you would come. I was stuck in a room in the east wing.”
“Are you alright?” she nodes, “good we have to get out of here, we don’t have much time.”
*Tear gas falls from the ceiling and both Star and Robin are blinded.*
“Star where are you? I can’t see, can you?”
“Robin, I’m over here. I can’t see. Where are you. Ahhhh something hit me!!!” *she sends a starbolt flying into the air*
“Star that was me. Grab my hand. We have to get out of here.” They run together fumbling. (Use the force Robin hehehe)
“Star I can see again, can you?” She nodded
*they ran as fast as they could toward the door and when they got far away from the warehouse they turned to see the it blow*    
 (James Bondey)
Neither of them noticed it, but the whole way home they held each others hands.
(Ice Cream shop)
“Do you want to split something?”
“Ummmm I’m not that fond of soy milk… but I guess I could try it again.”
“Well its ok, we could split a regular.”
“Wow that’s irregular. You don’t drink real milk.”
“Well I’ve been thinking, maybe once-in-a-while I will have real milk…I don’t want the cows hard work to be wasted.” They laughed and split a mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae.
Cy was counting down the seconds until his microwave bean burrito would be done, when Robin and Star walk in.
“Hey guys what’s with the hand thing.” They both look down and notice they were still holding hands and they both let go
“huh what were we talking about???” *Robin whispers “off the hook” under his breath, and star nodes. He looks at her and she blushed.
“Ummm cy where’s Raven and Beast Boy??”
(Changing the subject is a good thing)
“Umm…I think they went to go get ice cream together. Not sure were they are now.” He looked at Robin and shrugged
“I’ll call them.”
“I don’t know I think there fine.”
“Ok whatever.”
“So who’s the killer???” Robin smiled at Star and she blushed again
“Oh you’ll never believe it!...” Robin stared tuning him out and looked at Starfire. She was hanging on every word Cyborg said.
(2 hours later at titan tower)
“Hello everyone!” Raven was carrying a trophy with a giant arm on it, and Beast Boy was carrying a trophy that was shaped like a soda.
“What are those?” Cyborg stared to poke the trophies
“Their trophy’s we got from the fair. His is for the burping contest and mine was for ringing the bell.”
“That’s an odd trophy for you don’t you think Raven?” Robin was laughing across the room.
“No not when they give you a really heavy hammer. If you can pick it up and swing it, you will defiantly get a prize.” Beast Boy started to laugh
“Or if they let you use your powers..hahaha”
“Close enough.”
*Starfire walks in with a pile of board games in her hands*
“Hello everyone, I am glad to see you two have done well at the fair, but now it is time to REALLY test your skills.” She piles the games on the table
“Haha settle down Star its just game night. It’s not like its life or death.” Beast Boy smiles as he speaks. Star starts to laugh
“Do you think I did a good job imitating Robin from last week when we played dodge ball?”
“Ok you win, what do we have to play today.” Robin says looking through the games
“Well I got this weird game called “TV shows” and I got “tip the cows…” Beast Boy starts to open his mouth but the star holds up two plastic cow figurines.
Raven sits down “Let’s play the TV one first.”
*They all took turns reading cards to each other and answering questions*
“My turn to read, who wants to be asked the question?” Beast Boy picked up a card
“It’s Robins turn.” Raven said
“Ok Robin here it goes…HAHAHA THIS ONES SO FUNNY!!!”
“OH NO…I’m afraid.” Robin says while shaking his head, Cyborg remarked that the boy wonder is never frightened.
“Well, I am when Beast Boy laughs like that.”
“Ok Robin you have to “Do the Joey pick up line” from friends.”
*Everyone laughed*
“Can I use a chicken on this?”
“NO!!!!!” everyone yelled at once
“Ok here goes…”
“Wait Robin remember to smile afterwards.”
“*sigh* ok I wont forget. Here I go. “How you doin’?” *smile*”
*starfire starts to giggle. Then everyone falls on the floor laughing.*
(10 minuets later)
“The scary thing is that he does it so well. That would work on me” Starfire says
“Well I am the boy wonder….hahaha.” Everyone laughts for another 10 minuets
(10 minuets later)
“Robin your turn to read to Starfire.” Beast Boy was still laughing
“Ok here’s yours….What? This doesn’t even have to do with TV. Oh well. Ok you have to act like one of your friends.”
“hmmmm that wont be to hard…..”How you doing” *smile*”
*Everyone laughed again*
 “Ok Raven here’s yours….it says it’s a group one so everyone has to do it…that’s weird…ok you have to make a Mellow Yellow commercial.”
In her normal monotone voice she says “Mellow Yellow asks how would you stay smooth?”
*Starfire asks Beast Boy to open a bottle for her.  He can’t open it and he starts crying.* ERRR
*Starfire asks Robin to open the bottle. He opens it but spills it all on the floor when he’s handing it to her.* ERRR
*Starfire asks Cy to open the bottle* He crushes the bottle* ERRR
*Starfire then asks her hand if it can open the bottle and it does.* Ding ding ding!!!!
“That wasn’t a Mellow Yellow commercial that was a commercial for girls inc.” Cy mumbles
“Oh and you thought I would chose one of you to help the girl in distress? I think not. We can do anything you can.”
“yeah but that doesn’t do justice to the commercial.”
“Oh well”
“How about we play the next game?”
“The rules say “Roll the cows like dice and add up the points by the way they land.”
(3 minuets later)
“Who else is bored?” robin rolled 6 points
“I AM!” Everyone yelled at the same time.
“Pulse this game teaches violence towards cows.”
“Whatever Beast Boy. Who wants to go play with real cows?” cy starts to snicker
“Not funny dude.”
*Beep beep beep*
“Not again. Who is it this time?”
“It’s Plasmas at….OH NO THE PIZZA PLACE!!!”  (gasp)
“One question, how do these dudes keep getting out???”
“Budget cuts.”
“Oh. That stinks.”
“Next time we need a different mayor.” Robin was walking across the room
“Yeah next time we shouldn’t elect anyone who’s ever lived in Townsville.”
“Really, and he wanted us to use that weird smiley phone.” Beast Boy was finishing off his soda so when he talked he burped
“What happened to that thing?” asked cyborg scratching his head
“It’s in Star’s room.” Robin smiled at her
“What? It’s so cute.” Robin starts to laugh
“Yeah, but don’t you use it to smash bugs with?”
“Yes, I thought it needed a purpose.”
(Pizza Place)
When the titans arrive the whole pizza place is covered in plasma goo.
“I don’t think I want to have pizza anytime soon.” Beast Boy says as he steps in goo.
“I don’t think I want to eat for awhile now.” Starfire smells some of the sludge and gags
“He’s gone. Spread out and find him. Don’t let him escape!”
*Everyone starts to run but they realize that there shoes are stuck in the mess and they cant get them out. Starfire slings starbolts at the sludge; it dispersed, but grew back. Robin opened a small glass test tube and pores its contents on the goo. The goo disintegrated and left all of the titans free of the plasma.*
“Was Robin ever in boy scouts? Maybe that’s were he learned “always be prepaired.” Beast Boy was whispering to Cy.
“No I have to be this way just to fight.”
“Robin I thank you for freeing both of my feet.”
“No problem Star. Ok everyone lets go!”
*The titans split up and look for Plasmas*
“Robin I keep seeing a shadow on top of the buildings. I know its not Plasmas, but it seems suspicious.” Raven on communicator 
“Ok Raven go check it out, but be careful.”
Raven is running through an ally after an ambiguous figure. She hears a noise and turns around. I large rock came hurling at her. She turned to pursue in the opposite direction when she lost the shadow. She had an odd idea on who the shadow was but she didn’t have time to keep chasing her. She had to go help her friends at a crime seen.
(present time)
Raven headed towards the building were the mysterious shape was located. When it saw her it started to jump to the next building. It slipped and fell. Right before it hit the ground Raven caught “It” with her powers. She sat the person down in front of her.
“Terra, long-time-no-see. What are you doing sneaking around? Weren’t you going to visit us?”
“Hello Raven it’s nice to see you too. I wasn’t sneaking around I saw Plasmas destroy the pizza place so I started to chase after him. Of course I was going to stop by, that’s why I came.”
“But why were you in the alleyways earlier today? How long have you been here?”
“Wha what are you talking about? I just got here.”
“Terra, what are you doing here?” the other titans walk over to Terra, they had finished with Plasmas and were ready to go home.
“Hey guys I was just coming back. I wanted to be part of the team again.”
“Of course, we could always use another team member.”
“Let us go back home and play more board games to celebrate the reunion.”
(Just so you know, in my story Beast Boy is totally over Terra)
(On the way home)
“Hey Robin will you hold up.”
*The rest of the group continues home as Raven and Robin walk slower*
“Robin I have a bad felling about this. Earlier today before I came to meet you guys with Dr. Light, I was chasing someone down an alleyway and I think it was Terra. Whoever it was they could throw a really large rock without making a sound. I think she’s been here for at least a day maybe more, and isn’t it weird that there are suddenly 2 jail breaks, Cinderblock, a Slade attack, and Terra comes home all in the same day?”
“Yeah. You still don’t trust her do you?”
“I would if I safely could, but I’ve been getting really weird vibes today, maybe we should be careful.”
“Ok, I trust you. I don’t think that Terra is too large of a threat…”
“But when she’s in our house she is.”
“Are you sure that you saw HER in the alley?”
“No. I’m not, but…I think it was her. She’s the only person I know that can throw such a large rock without making any sound.”
(Next day)
Beast Boy and Raven went to a new café downtown, Robin and Starfire sit next to each other in their regular sets and Cyborg is in his room lifting weights. Terra hadn’t woken up yet. Suddenly the alarm went off and everyone assembled.
“Starfire, go wake up Terra. When she’s up you two meet us downtown.”
*star went up the stares and knocked on terra’s door*
“Terra, friend? Are you there??? We have a mission. We need to go.”
*Terra walks through the door, dressed but her shirt had a hole in it*
“Sorry star I had to get dressed”
“How did you get the hole in your shirt?”
“It got caught in the drawer.”
“Ok we must go.”
*starfire and terra went and found the others near the jail house*
“Robin what happened”
“Nothing, it was a false alarm.”
*the titans went home and decided to eat lunch, Terra said that she was going to walk around town and when star offered to go with her she said no*
“what are we going to eat?” Raven starts to roll her eyes and wished she hadden’t asked.
“Dude, we are so having tofu today!”
“I thought we had tofu last time!!!” Raven left the kitichen and robin and star followed.
“Star what was with Terra?”
“I don’t know.”
“what about her shirt?”
“she said she got it cot in her dresser drawer.”
“I didn’t know she had a dresser in her room.” Raven joined the conversation
“I don’t think she does.”
“…so who wants to check.” *Raven and star look at robin with that “well sence you thought of it” kinda look*
“whoa whoa, I don’t think so, you guys are her friends too, and your girls and well why me!!” he was whining
“Oh star and I have to go break up the fight in the kitchen come on star.” Raven pulls star and they leave
“Oh man why me…” robin started up the stares
-outside her room-
“I guess I should knock”
*klick klick klick*
“ok here goes” robin tried to open the door but it was locked
“awww man” he pulled harder  “grrr”
*The door fell down and he had to lunge to keep it from hitting him.*
“great, those two better help me fix this before she gets back.” * he slowly walked inside
“Hey what was that noise?”  Cyborg started to leave the kitchen
“Umm I’m sure it was nothing.” Raven started to push him back into the kitchen
“whatever” bb and cy went back to fighting as starfire and raven sliped out. They rushed up the stairs and saw terra’s door
“Great, I knew we shouldn’t have let him do this…”
“but we made him..?”
“star its just sarcasm.”
“Oh yes. Of coarse.”
“What have you two done to my door!!!” they turned around to see Terra standing there with a look of horror on her face.
“oh…well….you see….we…..ahhhhh….we saw ahhhhh…” Starfire cut in.
“Ok so RAVEN what does a floomorger look like.”
“Well you see it looks like a giant oozing monster with a …ahhh large tounge and they ahhh like to eat ……underwear.”
“Sure.” Robin started to walk out the door.
“I knew it I didn’t find a single…” starfire cut in
“Floomorger…..i sware I saw one.” Robin looked up and noticed Terra there, and played along.
“Yeah, are you sure you saw that umm floogle run in?”
“Robin it was a floomorger.”
“right whatever.”
“So Robin what does a Floomorger look like.”
“Umm well I didn’t see it….ahhhh Raven and star just told me that they saw it, then I had to brake the door to find it.” Star stared wazing around and he changed what he said, “well actually it broke the door and I followed it.”
“Whatever, I need some time alone now.” She walked inside her room and lifted the door, she tried her best to slam it but started to tip and she had trouble even getting up.”
-down stairs-
“Raven, how did you know what a floomorger looks.” *Raven fell head first onto the floor anime style*
“so robin there wasn’t a dresser? I didn’t think that she had one. This is so odd why would she lie to me?”
“I don’t know this is so weird.”      
(Im not done. If you have suggestions Email me!!!)
(Please don't take it, or i will have to hunt you down...hehe)

Disclaimer: I dont own the Teen Titans (yet)